Saturday, 29 October 2011

Who said this is just about government?

The media's asking for a list of demands.  Who said this is just about government?

e.g. 1
Select specific metrics along which one or more of the major banks are exploitative (or credit cards, or...).  If you find a problem, identify which is the worst.  Obtain consensus (incl. fact checking and legal advice).  Then picket with nice precise numbers on your signs.  Call "Steele on your side."  The average person on the street who might not move to a credit union might at least move from BMO to RBC or vice versa if its was to their advantage.  Make a bad number public and the worst of the worst will improve themselves or lose customers.  Pick a new metric, repeat.  

e.g. 2
Student loans?  You could start by going after the people raising the bill.  Check out all the nice new greenspace at UBC.  Look up how much it cost, divide by the number of undergraduates enrolled.  A handful of picket signs saying "this walkway raised tuition by $x" would make the news and apply pressure.

Government isn't the only institution that needs to be held accountable.

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